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I love wearing dresses. I always have. Looking back at my elementary school photos, there I am in a cute, simple “shift” that my mother made. It’s exactly the same style I like today – simple, stylish and easy.

katherinekarla.jpgMy Mom knew back then what I know nowit’s hard to beat a well-designed, easy-to-wear, cute dress to move you through the day.

So what has inspired me to do for you what my mom did for me 40 years ago? Well, let me share my story:

A few years ago, my husband Brad and I were on vacation in St. Croix. We decided to do something special for our last night out and I went shopping for a perfect sundress to wear. I hit the cute boutiques and great shops, but all of the dresses I found were skimpy, flimsy or not flattering at all.

The shopping experience was simply depressing. Unfortunately, this not an unusual experience for many of us. Instead of giving up, I saw it as an opportunity to create something for an under-served audience. I vowed right then and there to one day create my own line of dresses for women who, like me, want to wear something cute and feel good, without broadcasting all of nature’s little flaws.

It didn’t happen overnight. I started down the design path by collecting dresses of different styles with features I liked. Before I knew it, I had a huge collection. I eventually tucked those sample dresses - and my designing dream - away for safe keeping while I continued my career in the corporate world.

This isn’t my first time creating a brand and launching a new product.  I’ve spent my entire life helping large corporations launch products. From sports shoes to cookies, to hams and law enforcement products, I’ve named them, packaged them, displayed them and sold them.  It is time I put my experience to work fulfilling my own dreams!

Inspired by a love of travel, the first five dresses were named after my favorite cities and the tradition continues today as does creating bright, bold color stories in our signature prints. All of our clothing is proudly made in the USA, right down to the tags.  And, being based in Florida, it is important to note our fabric is certified with a 50+ UPF rating, so we can get out and enjoy the sun!

limegreenkway.pngIn 2014, we moved into our corporate offices and warehouse, a lime green cottage with pink awnings across the street from the beach, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Those first offices now serve as a home for our flagship boutique. Our corporate office has expanded to house a large warehouse and remains in Jacksonville. 

Today, Katherine Way Collections is a full line of stylish, fashionably appropriate apparel and resort wear for women who want to feel young and energetic as well as confident and comfortable in their clothing. We think beyond seasons and create timeless, simple styles that graciously fit and flatter every figure.  Our garments are easy-to-wear and machine washable.

Just like that simple dress my Mom made me, our “Wear Anywhere” style moves you throughout your busy lifestyle and now you can dress for any occasion. Go from the office to dinner or even to the beach. Toss our clothes in the suitcase and take off without worrying about wrinkles. Travel in style!

See how our collection fits you. Katherine Way Collections is available in more than 300 boutiques and shops and a limited selection online. Click here to find a store near you and schedule a fitting at your favorite shop. 

Click here to contact us for media inquiries. 

Katherine Way Collections
11653 Central Parkway, Suite 208
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Toll-free:  866-515-6860
Fax:  904-999-4860
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If you are a store buyer, please visit KWayWholesale.com to find out how to carry our collection in your store. 








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